The Challenge


Organisations are trying to increase productivity and deliver more with less. They’ve already restructured, improved technology and altered the way they do business - so what’s left? 

Studies vary, but between a third to a half of all employees are not ‘engaged’ with their work and organisation. Put simply, they’re unlikely to:

  • Recommend your organisation as a place to work
  • Recommend your services to others
  • Be motivated to do their best work for your organisation
  • Be proud to work for your organisation
  • Be satisfied with their job
  • Stay with the organisation

The Opportunity

Imagine for a moment the impact of this lack of engagement on the productivity of organisations. Imagine up to half your people not enjoying their work or feeling rewarded for their contribution. Now consider the impact you could have on your organisation’s results if you could improve employee engagement.

Andrew Beveridge (Melbourne, Australia) is a Psychologist and Facilitator specialising in the practical science of leadership and employee engagement. Through Beveridge Consulting he partners with organisations to drive business results through leadership development, and pay and performance consulting.

Here’s what Andrew’s clients have said about working with him:

“Andrew has provided a high level of expertise and integrity working with our Executive team to help them understand their impact and influence in positively influencing the organisation's culture and engagement levels. Andrew has a strong, credible presence that engages his audience, even on challenging subjects such as feedback and resilience. I would strongly recommend Andrew for organisations that are looking to engage leadership teams through articulating the clear business drivers to invest effort in improving culture and engagement.”

“What immediately stood out was Andrew’s generosity, humour and integrity as a facilitator. The session was extremely well planned, yet he was absolutely flexible and responsive to our needs on the day… I would highly recommend Andrew as a facilitator and we look forward to working with him in the future.”

“Thanks so much Andrew for coming to speak to our team. It was exactly what we were after! You had a great way of connecting with the group and understanding where we were coming from. We had really positive feedback from your session. It has also prompted some very interesting discussions for the rest of our time together that has given us a good base to work with.”

Explore the website and make contact - Andrew would love to partner with your organisation.


Clients We Have Partnered With