Andrew commenced his consulting career conducting psychometric assessments and behavioural interviews to help select the best people for roles. His experience through Beveridge Consulting has included the following:


Psychometric Assessments

  • Using psychometric ability tests and personality assessments to determine potential, strengths and risks in candidates for leadership and general roles
  • Identifying key risks for candidates, and behavioural interview questions that can be used to explore these risk areas further

Client example: Used a personality measure to identify strengths and risks in candidates for a senior leadership role. Provided relevant behavioural interview questions to explore potential risks further with each candidate and through reference checking.


Selection Training

  • Training managers in the effective use of behavioural interviewing and other selection techniques

Client example: Conducted a tailored workshop introducing managers to behavioural interviewing techniques, while also providing an opportunity to apply these. Included job analysis and interview guides.


Leadership Coaching

  • Tailored one-on-one coaching to focus on practical improvements in leadership effectiveness
  • Using psychometric results to help with on-boarding during the critical first 90 days
  • Typically over three sessions across a two month period with an option to extend

Client example: Provided coaching to several leaders to identify development priorities and implement practical improvements.