Andrew is a well regarded remuneration and performance management consultant, particularly with Not For Profit and small to medium sized organisations. He partners with Pro Bono Australia to produce their annual Not For Profit Salary Survey. His experience through Beveridge Consulting has included the following:


Reward and Performance Management Strategy

  • Developing an overall framework for reward, remuneration and benefits
  • Providing a shared understanding of what we reward and how we reward
  • Provides the broader context and philosophy from which new policies can be generated and existing policies tested

Client example: Developed a reward strategy in consultation with CEO and Executive Team. Presented to Board, Executive Team and Senior Leaders through workshops and presentations.


Salary Benchmarking

  • Matching of roles in small, medium and not for profit organisations against market pay data
  • Analysis of internal relativity - identifying where each person is paid relative to their peers
  • Analysis of external competitiveness - comparing current pay practices against market pay data

Client example: Benchmarked current pay practice against external market pay data. Compared unique roles against a sample of similar roles. Highlighted roles that fell outside the expected range and provided advice on how to rectify.


Grading Structures

  • Tailored grading structure design unique to your organisation
  • Identifies the focus and contribution of roles within each job grade in terms of knowledge and experience, planning and coordination, and guidance and impact
  • Allows comparison to market pay benchmarks, even for roles without a direct job match
  • Useful for career management, succession planning and structure clarification

Client example: Developed a tailored grading structure for a medium-sized business. Conducted workshop with Senior Management Team to identify work streams, place roles within the structure and customise the structure descriptions.  


Incentive Schemes

  • Designing tailored incentive schemes that reinforce what matters for your organisation
  • Working with leaders to identify the key components and communicate the scheme

Client example: Developed a tailored incentive scheme program to reinforce new sales, while also ensuring that account management of existing clients was recognised.